Employee Discount Programs

Employee Discount Programs

Employee discount programs have many benefits.

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What are the benefits of employee discount programs?

Employee discount programs give your employees options to save money on fun, exciting activities outside of work. This promotes a work-life balance. Happy employees have been proven to be more productive.

By utilizing the discounts offered through the program, employees might be able to take that family vacation that they wouldn’t have otherwise. It can guide employees to try new experiences, services, and products, while also saving money.

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Can I make multiple programs available to my employees simultaneously?

The Employee Network’s program is not an exclusive program, and it is free to offer to your employees. Whether you utilize it as your only discount program offering or use it in conjunction with other employee wellness and benefits offerings, it makes for a great perk for your employees. A good benefits package makes you more attractive to potential candidates and job seekers. The Employee Network’s free discount program means that this package that you offer can include amazing discounts.

A great program helps your bottom line, by increasing employee satisfaction, reducing turn over, and promoting work-life balance. Saving money on attraction, experiences, events, products, and services is always a bonus.

Are health insurance and benefits included as part of the program?

We often get calls from customers seeking assistance with their insurance and other administrative and human resources related matters. Offering benefits like health insurance is not something that we assist with.

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