Serving “The Valley Of The Sun” for nearly a decade, our mission at BackFit is to educate, enlighten and care for our patients. By combining Chiropractic medicine with Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy, we restore the body’s function and balance. We allow the body the opportunity to heal itself and create health/wellness through proper spinal alignment, core strengthening and healthy lifestyle changes. We teach our patients to understand and care for their bodies to achieve optimal health and quality of life. At BackFit, we don’t believe in suppressing symptoms with medications. Instead, we remove the obstacles that prevent the body from functioning the way it was designed to. At BackFit we strive to meet or exceed your expectations with every visit.

Dr. Radi Rahimi has been involved with health and science related fields ever since his undergraduate studies. Dr. Radi attended Arizona State University where he studied Psychology with a pre-med emphasis.

Our Board Certified Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Physiotherapists in conjunction with our Arizona Board Certified Medical Acupuncturist, Physicians and Licensed Massage Therapists treat a variety of injuries/conditions.

Our Services:

– Neck pain / Stiffness
– Dizziness
– Lightheadedness
– Shoulder Pain
– Arm Pain
– Hip Pain
– Stomach Problems
– Sinus Problems

– Mid-back pain / stiffness
– Low-back Pain / stiffness
– Numbness / Tingling
– Headaches / migraines
– Physiotherapy
– Primary Care Physician
– Rehabilitation
– Pain Management
– Medical Weightloss
– Core Strengthening
– Massage Therapy
– Spinal Stabilization
– Spinal Decompression
– Sports Injuries
– Work / Auto Injuries

By using state of the art techniques and equipment, we diagnose and treat musculoskeletal misalignments, acute/chronic pain, and abnormal biomechanical dysfunction. It’s your life…Live it in Health.