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If your home was sick, would you know?

FOR Energy is a participating contractor in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program, sponsored by APS & SRP, and provides Pearl Certification. We help Arizonans make their home a haven – optimizing health, comfort, and efficiency. The EPA recently indicated air quality outside can be up to 4x better than INSIDE the home. And Americans spend an average of 93% of their lives indoors!

Receive your customized Roadmap

Our BPI certified Energy Auditor dedicates three hours in a comprehensive effort to analyze areas of the home like:

  • Duct Design
  • Room Pressure
  • Equipment / Lighting / Window Efficiency
  • Air Leakage
  • Static Pressure
  • Insulation/Air Barriers
  • Thermal Scanning
  • Water Heating
  • Pool Pump Efficiency
  • And more!

Increase your Home Value

As part of your $99 audit, we walk you through the list of findings, underscore the highest priorities with a 10-15 page report. We provide the pertinent information to understand and consider available rebates your utility company may offer.

Those who follow the customized recommendations can save 30%+ on utility bills each month, live comfortably and reduce their carbon footprint. Homeowners can also receive a certificate for having their home Energy Star certified, potentially adding upwards of 9-13% to their home’s value!

FOR Energy is also proud to provide a variety of residential solar solutions to reduce your dependency on the grid and utilize clean, renewable energy!

Make a Difference

Our team is committed to the sustainability of local communities. In 2019, the collective efforts of AZ homeowners and our team, over 700,000 kilowatt hours were removed from the grid. FOR Energy works hard to give back to local heroes through Heal the Hero. Local firefighters, police officers and veterans receive individualized sponsorship to complete a proven 5-month brain-wellness program, to get them sleeping, working, and enjoying their life again!

Our commitment stems from our core belief – to reduce before we produce and we can make a difference!


Employee Network members must ask or discount when scheduling and show i.d. badge at time of service.

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