Welcome to Happy Family Dental Care!
Dr. Giang Dang is originally from Vietnam. He moved to the valley back in 2003 and graduated from the University of Boston with his D.M.D. He currently owns his private dental practice in Scottsdale AZ. Dr. Giang Danghas has the drive to continue to make a change in the valley and to be known for his work as a Dentist.

Happy Family Dental Care is a General family dentistry office and has been serving the community for 7 now. Dr. Dang and the staff work really hard every day to make this office one of the best in the area.

Here at Happy Family Dental Care, we work as a team.  Each one of our staff is highly trained to do the best for every patient we see. We love having fun and making sure each patient has a great experience.

We accommodate patients with busy schedules and take the time to explain with detail any questions they may have. We explain any treatment options we have available for them. Our main goal at Happy Family Dental Care is to provide information about our dental care to all of our patients. Giving them the knowledge and understanding of how important it is to see their dentist and maintain great oral hygiene. We hope that after you learn a little about us you will consider and motivate you, friends, and family, to become a part of our family here at Happy Family Dental Care.

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