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You may be mindful about taking steps to protect your identity, but you can miss certain threats if you’re just monitoring your credit and bank statements. Some things that you can’t easily see or fix on your own can also make you vulnerable. Identity thieves can get loans in your name–some that don’t even require a credit check like online payday loans–change your address without your authorization, or sell your personal information on the dark web.

One in four people has experienced identity theft.1 Everyday activities like using public Wi-Fi and shopping online can expose your personal information to identity thieves. LifeLock looks for use of your personal information, and with proprietary technology, alerts† you to a wide range of potential threats to your identity. We scan hundreds of millions of transactions a second looking for potential identity problems and alert you by text, phone‡‡, or email.

If you’re ever a victim of identity theft, a dedicated, U.S.-based Identity Restoration Specialist will personally handle your case from start to finish and will work to fix it. We also help you keep what’s yours, yours–with our Million Dollar Protection™ Package†††. This includes reimbursement for stolen funds and coverage for personal expenses if you’re a victim of identity theft —each with limits of up to $25,000, up to $100,000 or up to $1 million— based on the limits of your plan – and coverage for lawyers and experts if needed, to help resolve your case.

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No one can prevent all identity theft.
† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.
‡‡ Phone alerts made during normal local business hours.
††† Reimbursement and Expense Compensation, each with limits of up to up to $1 million for Ultimate Plus, up to $100,000 for Advantage, and $25,000 for Standard. And up to $1 million for coverage for lawyers and experts if needed, for all plans. Benefits provided by Master Policy issued by United Specialty Insurance Company (State National Insurance Company, Inc. for NY State members). Policy terms, conditions and exclusions at:

1-Based on a monthly online consumer survey (n=2455) conducted for LifeLock by MSI International, Oct 2017 – Mar 2018.

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