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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is a thrill-a-second water park. Plunge into the six-story vortex of adrenaline-pumping velocity called Tornado. Brave the harrowing, high-speed water slides of Black Snake Summit. Then, kick back with your crew at the Lizard Lagoon recreation complex. Find your speed right here. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor requires separate admission.

Your body gets sealed into one of two see-through launchers, as you stand precariously on a trap door at your feet. And in one crazy instant, that door will spring open and you literally fall right through the floor and into the slide. How’s that for a surprise?

After you make it through that challenge, you have to deal with the “six story drop” part of the ride. It’s 50 feet of free fall before you hit the rest of the enclosed, pitch black course. Then get ready for 200 feet of extreme looping body slide action. You’ll hurtlle down the wildly curving enclosed slide so fast you won’t even have time to be scared.