Website Fun!

The Employee Network website has been undergoing very drastic changes. We are working on user friendliness, maximum exposure, repeat customers and much more.

Categories: Our category tabs have been looked at closely and modified so that users can find and access your pages easier, and more frequently. They have become more specific towards your products and services allowing employees to find the exact category description of your service.

SEO and Exposure: With the help of our very tech savvy employee Kenneth, we have been able to begin planting key words into SEO to draw people in. For example “Honeywell employee discounts”, Employee Network will appear. “Dignity Health gym discounts”, Employee Network will appear… This is currently being worked on so hang tight, we will update you periodically.

Social Media and Advertising: Having a presence in the “social media” world allows for extreme exposure. We are diligently working on how to maximize our social media, not only to get The Employee Network name in front of customers but yours as well! Newsletters, blog posts, Facebook shout outs. Go like our pages to see what we are doing, @theemployeenetwork.

Abandoned Shopping Cart & Ticket Automation: If you do not have a product for sale directly on our site this still applies to you!! With our new abandoned shopping cart reminder e-mail users are being redirected BACK to the site to continue their purchase. With this they are being brought back with potential they will browse more products and services.