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Many families have doubt….why is that?  Because families are drowning in debt…their financial houses are on fire!  With Your Family Bank, we show families and business owners how to responsibly & expeditiously pay off all of their debt…to include the following items:

Mortgages, business debts, car loans, credit cards, school loans, etc…

The best part of the process is we “find” money.  We don’t expect the family to come to the table with more money, because they are already strapped.  We help them identify inefficiencies in spending and direct these dollars toward their own “bank”….We are able to help the average family accomplish complete debt payoff in roughly 9 years.  Once we plug the leak of interest payments and tax inefficiencies, the family can really begin to plan for their future. 

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Are you 100% certain you are going to have a great retirement or do you have some doubt?

Your Family Bank is offering a complimentary retirement plan to Employee Network members when you schedule an appointment with us.

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Premier Estate Planning

No one is promised tomorrow…

You are taking the first steps to get this process under way. Many individuals, families and business owners procrastinate this very important area of planning. We are humans and have the gift of optimism….Floating down the River of Denial. The common thing we hear when someone speaks with us is “I know we need this done”…and when it’s complete, “I feel so much better”. None of us are promised tomorrow.

You will be surprised how easy the process is after it’s complete. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised that the cost are much lower than they imagined. Don’t let the perceived high cost or lack of time get in your way of planning. I assure you that not planning cost much more time and money than just getting it done.

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Premier Estate Planning is offering Employee Network members a $20 restaurant gift card to a restaurant of your choice after you schedule and have an appointment with us.
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