Grand Canyon West Skywalk

Grand Canyon West Skywalk

    Welcome to the amazing and awe-inspiring Grand Canyon West! Much more than just the West Rim of the canyon; Grand Canyon West is a one-of-a-kind destination for family, friends, and anyone looking to explore the stunning beauty that the Grand Canyon provides, and the adventure opportunities it facilitates. 

     The main attraction at the Grand Canyon’s West Rim; The Skywalk is an engineering marvel that extends 70 feet out and over the Rim of the Canyon. This 10 foot wide, horseshoe-shaped “cantilever” glass bridge allows amazed visitors to walk out and over the Rim; utilizing incredibly strong glass panels capable of holding 70 fully loaded 747 passenger jets.

    This incredible feat of construction lets visitors to “walk on air”, and gaze 4000 feet down directly below their feet to the Canyon floor, and has been featured by institutions such as the National Geographic Channel, The Today Show, and CNN.

    Upon arrival, you will store personal belongings in free lockers, and put on special booties to protect the glass panels you walk on. Professional photographers are standing by to capture your experience as you step out and over the Rim for a unique souvenir that cannot be replicated!  

    Finally, after your Skywalk experience, top the day off with a bite to eat at the Sky View Restaurant, which offers panoramic views of the Skywalk and Canyon. So purchase your tickets now, and bring the whole family (all children of walking ages welcome) to experience the Grand Canyon like never before


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