Past Events

For more than 20 years, The Employee Network has been helping businesses find exposure with these exciting Road Show events.  We have thousands of photos that we've taken through the years.  Please feel free to have a look and see what we've been up to.


Arizona                                                                                                                                      Nevada

03/09/2021-COPMEA- HYBRID                                                                                          04/21/2021-NV Energy- HYBRID

03/11/2021-City of Glendale- HYBRID

04/22/2021-City of Chandler- HYBRID

05/05/2021-City of Tempe- HYBRID





911 Police & Fire Toy Drive12/20
Blue Cross Blue Shield12/10
Orbital Sciences12/4
TSYS Acquiring Solutions12/3
Southwest Gas11/15
Caesars Palace11/13
Flamingo Hotel & Casino11/12
Mercy Gilbert Hospital11/7
City of Chandler11/6
St. Joseph’s Hospital11/5
Aliante Casino & Hotel11/4
Bally Technologies West10/31
Bally Technologies East10/30
Paris Hotel & Casino10/29
Planet Hollywood10/28
JCL North Mountain10/24
City of Mesa10/23
JCL Deer Valley10/22
Revana Tempe10/16
North Vista Hospital10/10
City of Henderson10/9
SRS Las Vegas10/8
Glendale Elementary School District10/2
Paris Hotel & Casino6/26
Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ5/29
GCU Peoria5/24
City of Tempe5/21
GCU Tempe5/17
Southwest Gas5/16
City of Henderson5/15
Aliante Casino5/14
North Vista Hospital5/13
GCU Main5/10
City of Surprise5/9
CVS Caremark5/8
SHC – TPC5/7
Dysart Unified School District5/7
Freeport McMoRan4/26
City of Chandler4/25
Tolleson Unified School District4/24
SHC Shea4/23
SHC Osborn4/19
Wirtz Beverage4/5
Palm’s Casino & Resort4/4
Revana BC3/21
Revana Tempe3/19
ASU Poly1/23
ASU West1/22
ASU Main1/16
Chandler Regional10/30
JCL North Moutain Hospital10/25
City of Mesa10/24
JCL Deer Valley10/23
JCL Network Support10/18
Revana Black Canyon Campus10/16
Palms Casino Resort10/12
Southwest Gas10/10
North Vista Hospital10/9
City of Henderson10/8
City of Chandler5/24
Town of Gilbert5/23
GCU Tempe5/22
North Vista Hospital5/18
City of Henderson5/17
Tropicana Las Vegas5/16
St. Joseph’s Hospital5/10
City of Surprise5/9
City of Tempe5/8
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold5/3
US Airways5/1
Maricopa Medical Center4/30
CVS Caremark4/26
Arizona DPS4/19
Direct Alliance4/10
Hardrock Hotel & Casino3/30
Southwest Gas3/28
City of Casa Grande3/21
GCU North Phoenix3/20
GCU Main3/15
SHC – Shea3/8
SHC – Osborn3/7
SHC – Thompson Peak3/6
City of North Vegas12/7
City of Henderson12/6
City of Chandler11/3
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center11/1
JCL North Mountain Hospital10/27
JCL Deer Valley10/25
Chandler Regional Medical Center10/21
St. Joseph’s Hospital10/20
Direct Alliance10/19
Maricopa Medical Center10/18
Lockheed Martin10/13
Waste Management10/5
North Vista Hospital9/29
Tropicana Las Vegas9/28
Southwest Gas9/27
City of Chandler5/26
Lockheed Martin5/18
Town of Gilbert5/17
City of Surprise5/12
St. Joseph’s Hospital5/11
City of Tempe5/10
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino5/6
Southwest Gas5/5
City of Henderson5/4
North Vista Hospital5/3
GCU North Phoenix4/28
Arizona Highway Patrol4/21
US Airways4/19
GCU Tempe4/14
Direct Alliance4/05
GCU Main3/31
SHC – Thompson Peak3/24
SHC – Shea3/15
SHC – Osborn3/10
WSM Police Toy Run12/19
Waste Management11/18
Maricopa Medical Center11/15
St. Rose Dominican Hospital Rose De Lima Campus11/5
St. Rose Dominican Hospital San Martin Campus11/4
St. Rose Dominican Hospital Siena Campus11/3
Lockheed Martin11/2
JCL North Mountain10/28
Chandler Regional Hospital10/28
Mercy Gilbert Hospital10/26
JCL Deer Valley10/26
CVS Caremark10/21
St. Joseph’s Hospital10/14
Direct Alliance10/12
US Airways10/1
Southwest Gas9/29
City of Henderson9/28
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino9/27
Chase Field Night6/4
City of Chandler5/26
US Airways5/24
Waste Management5/21
Lockheed Martin5/20
City of Scottsdale5/19
City of Surprise5/13
Town of Gilbert5/12
St Joseph’s Hospital5/11
North Vista Hospital5/7
City of Tempe5/6
City of Henderson5/5
Direct Alliance4/21
Maricopa Medical Center4/16
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino3/18
Southwest Gas North Las Vegas3/17
Southwest Gas3/16
Rio Salado College3/9
City of Chandler11/18
Insight Carver Location11/13
Waste Management11/12
Insight Fountainhead Location11/11
Insight Harl Location11/10
Lockheed Martin11/5
City of Mesa11/4
Chandler Regional Hospital10/29
JCL North Mountain10/29
St. Joseph’s Hospital10/28
JCL Deer Valley10/27
City of Henderson10/22
City of North Las Vegas10/21
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center10/12
CVS Caremark10/8
Direct Alliance10/7
Southwest Gas9/25
US Airways9/24
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino9/23
Southwest Gas North Office9/22
Lockheed Martin6/11
City of Surprise6/2
US Airways5/21
Southwest Gas5/20
City of Henderson5/19
St Joseph’s Hospital5/13
City of Tempe5/7
Town of Gilbert5/6
Direct Alliance4/22
SHC – Osborn4/08
Rio Salado4/7
SHC – Shea3/19
TSYS Acquiring Solutions2/25
Direct Alliance12/10
Waste Management12/4
City of Chandler11/13
Chandler Regional Hospital10/31
St. Joseph’s Hospital10/30
Mercy Gilbert Hospital10/28
JCL Deer Valley10/28
City of Mesa10/21
JCL North Mountain10/20
Phoenix St. Luke’s Hospital5/14
Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital5/13
Mountain Vista Hospital5/12
Town of Gilbert5/1
Arizona Highway Patrol4/24
St. Joseph’s Hospital4/17
Rio Salado College4/9
City of Tempe3/20
City of Surprise1/31
City of Chandler11/15
Mercy Gilbert11/8
Direct Alliance11/8
Chandler Regional Hospital11/7
St. Joseph’s Hospital11/1
City of Tempe10/25
Catholic Healthcare West10/24
City of Mesa10/23
JCL Deer Valley10/18
JCL North Mountain10/16
Mayo Clinic South10/16
Mayo Clinic North10/15
ASU West5/27
SHC Osborn5/22
Phoenix St. Luke’s5/9
City of Chandler5/9
City of Surprise5/3
Arizona DPS4/19
ASU East4/6
Chandler Regional4/5
Mercy Gilbert4/4
SHC Shea4/3
Direct Alliance4/2
St. Joseph’s Hospital3/29
Town of GilbertSpring
Big Boys and Their ToysSpring

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