Premier Estate Planning


Estate Planning is about control of Financial and Healthcare decision making. It’s not about being older or having tons of money. Get educated on the different documents available. It’s more affordable than you think and far more valuable than you realize. Call today…602-371-8898.

Employee Network members will receive a complimentary $20 gift card to a restaurant of your choice when you complete an appointment with us.

Your Family Bank



Are you 100% certain you are going to have a great retirement or do you have some doubt?

Many families have doubt….why is that?  Because families are drowning in debt…their financial houses are on fire!  With Your Family Bank, we show families and business owners how to responsibly & expeditiously pay off all of their debt…to include the following items:

Mortgages, business debts, car loans, credit cards, school loans, etc…

Your Family Bank is offering a complimentary retirement plan to Employee Network Members when they schedule an appointment.

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