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Employee Network Membership Card

Are you looking for your Employee Network Membership Card? You have a few options for accessing it.

**Please Note- The membership card is intended for our local merchants. Members who reside outside of Arizona, Nevada, and California are suggested to use the digital membership card.**

1. Digital Membership Card – Once you register on our website, you will be provided with a digital membership card located on the home page. You can easily log into our website on your phone to access the digital membership card or screenshot this and save it to present it to merchants and receive your discount.

2. Tempe Office Pick-up – If you would like a physical membership card to keep in your wallet, you may visit our Tempe Office to pick up a membership card for free. You will need to show a work ID so we can verify that you are a member of The Employee Network. No purchase necessary.

The Employee Network

136 W. Orion St. Ste. D-9

Tempe, AZ 85283

3. Order Online – If you would like a physical membership card, you also have the option to order one online. Purchasing a card online costs $0.01. You then have the option to come pick it up in our office, or have us mail it to your address. If you would like the card to be mailed to you, please be sure to select the “Flat Rate” shipping option, this will add a shipping fee of $1.15.  If you would like to purchase a membership card online, you may do so below.

The Employee Network Membership Card


The Employee Network Membership Card

Feel free to purchase this card if you prefer but it is not necessary to recieve all your discounts. You may visit us at our Tempe Office and pick up a membership card for FREE. This is a physical copy of the card. Don’t forget that when you register and sign in you receive a digital version with your name on it. This digital copy can be used the same way and in all the same places as your physical card!

The Employee Network manages The Employee Discount Programs for over 300 of the largest corporations, government agencies and hospitals in the nation. When a corporation joins The Employee Network they are offering their employees a tremendous benefit by affording them the opportunity to save money by using The Employee Network merchant partners. Since 1998 we've constantly improved the program by finding great partners that recognize the power a large buying group makes on their business. With over 900,000 employees with access to our program, our merchant partners are given unique one-on-one opportunities to showcase their products and services to our loyal members. For the opportunity to showcase your products and services to a large group of working individuals or to take advantage of our awesome local and national discounts contact us at If you'd prefer call, we would enjoy hearing from you (480) 768-0837.