What sets us apart is our carefully nurtured human/animal relationship obtained from the animal’s point of view. All habitats are designed to stimulate natural behavior. This respectful approach provides a unique visitor experience. The animals can be themselves. You’ll watch in amazement as majestic tigers interact in a predator/prey relationship of romping and splashing in water and on land with staff and colorful toys. Discover how instincts, intellect and feelings combine to form spontaneous, natural behavior. Enjoy an African photo safari with expert park guides. Expect encounters with giraffe, zebra, antelope and more. Tram through the wildlife preserve where you can take pictures from unobstructed photo platforms of lions, tigers, wolves, and leopards as they roam in natural, spacious habitats. You’ll thrill to the antics of grizzly bears or laughing hyenas in the Wonders of Wildlife show. Pet or hold giant anacondas and huge pythons. Follow staff as they throw 800 pounds of raw food to eagerly waiting carnivores. Safely feed a tiger yourself. Take an exclusive, three-hour behind-the-scenes, in depth, tour sometimes led by the park founders. Out-of-Africa is your best all day family adventure.

Camp Verde: A whole day’s experience including events, tours, and walk-abouts, enjoying and learning about wild animals living in natural, spacious habitats on 104 acres.

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