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Unfortunately there are some corporations that will not allow us to bring all of you to show off to their employees, but they will allow The Employee Network to set up! So guess what we have been doing?

I have been attending open enrollments, health and wellness fairs, and setting up table tops to MAXIMIZE informing the employees about all the products and services that you have provide.

Dignity Health had 2 weeks’ worth of open enrollment fairs and we had The Employee Network represented at most of them! Informing the employees about all of your products and services was our main goal and I would say that we have succeeded! We have already heard from many of you with success stories. You have sold cars, sold houses, received new clients etc just from those Dignity Health Fairs alone! THIS IS GREAT!

We have seen much success with our new approach setting up a table in a high traffic area and catching employees on their breaks, during lunch, leaving or coming to work. Our table has ALL of your collateral on it along with a laptop showing employees how to directly access your pages!

We are putting our best foot forward and becoming more involved with these corporations in new and unique ways.

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