Six Flags


I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my friend Ryan on his 30th birthday.  We got our tickets from The Employee Network, and saved!!  We got to the park soon after it opened on a Saturday, got through the turnstiles.  Started having a great time.  Crazanity was an amazing experience.  As the pendulum swings up to its highest point, the only thing you can see are the blue sky and your own feet.  It was awesome!!

Went on Crazanity 4 times in a row.  Then I caught a hint of nausea.  But I loved it.  

The ride operators are hilarious.  On the Ninja, the guy is saying, “Ya!!!  Hiiiiii-ya!!  Ya!!!!”.  On Full Throttle, the guy is all, “5, 4, 3 –“ and then suddenly you’re sent rocketing off at 3.  It was great. 


Kenny C.

Six flags Magic Mountain Fan

Thanks to the great prices at The Employee Network, I was also able to go to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Phoenix, AZ. From just chilling in the wave pool while reggae music plays to braving the awesomeness of the Tornado and Typhoon Twister, there is so much fun to have here! You can really chill out, seek out thrills and everything in between. Great park!!

Kenny C.

Six flags Hurricane Harbor Fan


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SeaWorld San Diego

It has been a pleasure and privilege working with The Employee Network for over so many years. We at SeaWorld value your excellence in customer service and dedication to bringing our discounted attraction tickets to over half a million employees in Arizona and Nevada. You provide clients with an exceptional website which offers quality, hard to beat deals and member value. Thank you for all you do for us and your customers.
Chris N.
Senior Regional Marketing Manager

City of Chandler

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew for another great event. I appreciate your efforts and hard work in making this a wonderful day for Chandler employees. Those people who won prizes were happy and the photos on the web site are great. I will be sending out a city-wide email tomorrow with a link to the photos. Again, thanks and great job!
Julia H.
Human Resources Assistant

Hard Rock Hotel Casino Las Vegas

This is an incredible benefit with many choices and so easy to use, I use it myself! Our employees love the great discounts! Thanks, Employee Network! Hard Rock family is enjoying all the great benefits you provide for no cost!
Carrie M.
Vice President of Human Resources

City of Surprise

Thank you, Steve, to you and your team as well. The Employee Network was well received by all! Your team is terrific! I just wanted to share what a great experience we have had being a part of the Employee Network booths these past 2 years. The booth events are not only exciting & beneficial for our business, but Steve and his Team have always been kind & accommodating in every way. I look forward to each event & feel extremely welcome in the family-like atmosphere!
Shannon S.
Independent Consultant

San Diego Zoo

It has been a pleasure, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization like The Employee Network. Your dedication, hard work, and efforts have been an inspiration and I wish you much more success!! Thank you for always supporting me, and my work with the San Diego theme parks.
Lorell O.

Ky-Ko Roofing

You guys beat ALL other employee services networking organizations hands down! Please feel free to use my name as a very satisfied client for future referrals!!! Thank you again for your unparalleled level of professionalism in outstanding service!
Sandra A.
Corporate Sales Manager

Ky-Ko Roofing

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy working with Employee Network. Being a service company, it’s so important to grow our customer base and spend our marketing dollars with the best return possible. You need to know at our first employee event we made back our total investment with Employee Network and continue to get new clients on a regular basis. We are ready for this year’s events and plan on your company being a permanent part of our marketing plan. Thank You!
Tony K.

Southwest Gas

The Employee Network team has come to Corporate. It is a great event! The Employee Network contacts several participating merchants to attend the fair. They set up in your auditorium or where ever you have space available. Each merchant sets up a table, with information about the employee discount they have to offer, and also usually with freebie give-a-ways at their table. Also, there are tons of door prizes, so lots of employees win cool stuff …. like tickets to Sea World, a digital camera, yummy smelly girlie lotion gift bags, movie passes, etc! The Employee Network makes it very easy on us. Basically, all we have to do is schedule the room, let them know how many tables & chairs we can provide for them on that day (they will rent more if we don’t have enough), and advertise the event to employees (I send out HRNews messages). They do all the rest! Complete with balloons and music and fun! It has been a GREAT experience here in Las Vegas for Corporate Division employees. We are already a partner with The Employee Network, so our employees are already able to take advantage of the employee discounts they have to offer. This is just a nice way to get the word out to even more employees and to give them a chance to meet the merchants face-to-face, and maybe even win a prize!
Janelle R.
HR Director

LEGOLAND® California Resort

I’ve been working as a vendor with the Employee Network for over 10 years. When they first started selling tickets for us, they averaged 150 a year. They now sell over 3000! I’ve watched their professional but aggressive team work hard to reach companies all over Arizona; as well as expand into other markets. In addition to their website and other marketing tools, each year they organize and execute a Road Show schedule that allows you a direct reach in promoting your products to hundreds of thousands of people. The Employee Network is a great company and they work hard to provide each vendor a great return.

City of North Las Vegas

I am a City of North Las Vegas employee who just found out about this service through our Human Resources Office. My family has been visiting Theme Parks every year around the holidays for the past 5 years and it has become somewhat of a tradition for my children. This year, however, my husband was laid off of work and I am being forced to take furlough days at my job so I didn’t think we were going to be able to pull off our trip. Fortunately, I found your website and was able to find a GREAT offer on both tickets and a hotel so now we are able to go. Your discounts are WAY better than any I have ever found for both tickets and hotels and believe me, I have looked around!! Most importantly, I wanted to thank your staff for being so helpful and patient. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
HR Generalist

North Vista Hospital

North Vista Hospital joined The Employee Network in 2009 because we had tried to start our own employee discount program but couldn’t get it up and running. When Steve came to my office to present his company to me I immediately thought, this is exactly what we want. The Employee Network does all the work for the employer and doesn’t charge the employer anything! They call the merchants and get them to sign up. They hold the benefits fairs and handle all the coordination of the fairs. All I have to do is stop by a fair and get goodies and discounts. They also provide advertising materials such as wallet cards, flyers, and booklets. Employees really enjoy the program. They look forward to the fairs to see what kinds of discounts they can get. They have fun at the fairs and win free prizes. This really is a great benefit for the employees with no cost to the employer. I am very grateful for The Employee Network and look forward to a long working relationship with them.
Melissa McCoy
Director of Human Resources

ProSmart Realty

Kavita and I just wanted to say thank you for all you guys do. We appreciate the source of business and know you guys work hard to help make us successful.
Laura K.


Oh, I should be thanking you. What a fun day that was!!!! I received a lot of positive feedback about the event, so I’m glad the merchants felt it was worth their time. We would definitely like to do it again. Probably about the same time next year. Thanks again for all your help and plan on coming next time!!!
Dede F.
Office Manager


I have done many Employee Network events as a personal banker here in Las Vegas. I admire what your company does and would love to be involved once again. The events I attended were always so successful. 🙂
Julia G.
Mortgage Loan Officer


I have loved the offerings from the Employee Network and have been able to take advantage of deals including Zoo tickets, aquarium tickets, travel, and others. All the people at the Employee Network are friendly and a pleasure to work with.
Renee D.


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