The Employee Network is designed to introduce our 800,000+ Members directly to you.

The Employee Network is really 2 parts…

  • Firstly, we are the employee discount program to many of the nations largest employers. With links from these corporations benefits departments, their employees are able to get employee discounts on various theme park tickets, travel opportunities or even on a roof repair, new car or cable TV and more.

  • The second part is onsite employee fairs hosted by The Employee Network. With these corporate events, you would have the opportunity to meet the employees right where they work!


Website Advertising

The Employee Network is the #1 source for branding and increased sales of other elite Merchants that you know and trust. Our Members will find your business and services easily on our Member Site long after we’ve introduced them to you.


50+ Yearly Corporate Employee Events

These events like Caesars Entertainment, Dignity Health, Southwest Gas and more, give our Merchants opportunities to meet face to face with our Employee/Members right in their own work place.

Get direct access to potential customers through several print and digital platforms including:

Our business is built on relationships, not quantity.

This means that we won’t overload your industry’s sales category with any merchant that comes along.

We invite you to be a part of this unique program that will help build your brand and your bottom line.

Call us today while it’s fresh in your mind! 480.768.0837


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*Additional fees apply





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