Meet and learn about 11,000 animals in more than 50 exhibits at the Aquarium of the Pacific, one the nation’s most popular aquariums. Come face-to-face with and touch the ocean’s ultimate predators in Shark Lagoon, hand-feed colorful lorikeet birds and watch Magellanic penguins play. The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach celebrates the planet’s largest and most diverse body of water: the Pacific Ocean, from the frigid waters of the Northern Pacific to the colorful reefs of the Tropical Pacific. Visit this world-class aquarium featuring a wide array of hands-on activities, live and video presentations and much more.

Visit the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and discover two new exhibits: Horses and Dragons and Vanishing Animals. Explore the fantastical world of seahorses and seadragons, and discover animals facing extinction.


 The Aquarium of the Pacific has three special exhibits you can’t miss. Check out the Sea Otter Exhibit modeled after their natural habitat, the June Keyes Penguin Habitat, which includes a crawl-in space allowing you to feel as if you are in the exhibit with the animals, and discover the Molina Animal Care Center where you can see how we care for the animals and observe never before seen medical procedures. Now is the perfect time to learn about the ocean and explore everything new at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Where the ocean and people connect.