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California Academy of Sciences Brand New Summer Exhibits

Every year the California Academy of Sciences opens new world-class exhibits.

Skin: Living Armor, Revolving Identity

Now Open! Discover the superpowers of skin like camouflage, healing, and protection, and how our perceptions of skin shape human identity and culture at Skin, a new exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences.

Drop in the Ocean: A Virtual Reality Experience

Now Open Through July 14. Featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, experience the ocean from an entirely new perspective in Drop in the Ocean, a 7-minute virtual reality adventure. Shrink down to two inches tall, hitch a ride on a jellyfish, and come face-to-face with a whale shark. Narrated by explorers Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau and a co-production of Conservation International and Vision3.  Additional ticket required and available onsite at the Academy.

California Academy of Sciences
California Academy of Sciences

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