Dolphin Land Experience

Enjoy an Up-close and personal experience with dolphins without getting wet! This experience is a great choice for small children, corporate events and more!

Program Length: 30 minutes | Interaction Time: 15 Minutes

A New Adventure Awaits!

Nearby yet a world away you can engage with dolphins in water or interact with them from land. Learn about these amazing animals and be inspired to protect the ocean and its inhabitants.

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Dolphin Water Experience

Exchange fin-to-hand shakes & dolphin kisses. Use positive reinforcement and learn about these fascinating animals from waist-deep water. This experience is great for adults and children!

Program Length: 60 minutes | Interaction time: 30 minutes

Deluxe Dolphin Experience

Start in waist deep-water, then put on a mask and float out in deep water to interact with dolphins and witness their most athletic moves. This experience is great for thrill-seekers!

Complimentary Beach Club access included! Program Length:60 minutes | Interaction time:30 minutes

Dolphin Trainer Experience

Try your hand at dolphin training! Go behind the scenes as you help feed and enrich dolphins and learn about positive reinforcement training. Included Deluxe Dolphin Experience!

Complimentary Beach Club access included. Program length 3.5 hours | Interaction Time:70 min

All experiences include Beach Club a $35 value for free. Our mission is to amaze, inspire and empower guest encouraging them to become stewards of the oceans and its inhabitants!
Dolphinaris is committed to making a difference with conservation, education and research to the well being of dolphins around the world.