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TripBeat® makes it easy, convenient, and affordable to search and book resort vacations by providing access to more than 2,400 resort condo rental properties in desirable destinations in approximately 90 countries. The properties offer variety, space, and value. The vast portfolio of condos and resorts offer the kind of space and amenities you just can’t find in a traditional hotel.
You can get 7-night vacation rentals starting at $399 and those $399 weekly getaways are only $57 per night! The low, fixed price is per unit, not per person, regardless of size, time of year, or destination. It’s an unbeatable value considering that most accommodations are in spacious suites featuring separate kitchen and living areas.
There is no limit on how many starting at $399 weekly getaways Employee Network Employees can book!
Employee Network Employees save up to 40% spacious vacation rentals that combine the security and amenities of a hotel with the comforts of home starting at only $399 per week.

Consider some of the amazing advantages of Tripbeat® when booking your next getaway:

Variety – more than 2,400 resort condo rental properties in nearly 90 countries include everything from exotic beach-side resorts to elegant golf and spa resorts. Travelers can book the ideal accommodations to meet each of their unique vacation needs.

Room for everyone – Book as much space as you need, from intimate studios to expansive two-bedroom suites and more! When traveling with family members or friends you can share time in the accommodations’ common areas while having your own rooms for much-desired privacy.

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