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Steve Kogan

President & Founder

a.k.a “Boss Man”

The Employee Network, established in August 1998 by Arizona native Steve Kogan, was a 2 a.m. brainstorm that has built the 20 year old company that exists today. His vision was to develop a place where trusted merchant partners could advertise discounts to the corporate employees in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

The Employee Network member base started with one company’s 9,000 employees, who benefited by having one clear concise place to find ALL of their available employee discounts. The discounts that are offered to Employee Network Members are managed on a daily basis by The Employee Network staff rather than the corporations.

Steve recalls, “In August 1998 we started with just 9,000 employee members from one major corporation and today our member base is over 800,000 from more than 350 of the largest corporations and government agencies across the nation.”

With an experienced staff, The Employee Network continues to bring in quality vendors who are happy to offer a discount to our exclusive membership program.

Tena Kogan

General Manager

a.k.a “Red”

Tena always thought the only way to get into the workplace after school was to market herself, and what better way than to be in business for herself and pursue an industry she enjoyed.

She started out in the fitness industry and gradually moved into nutrition while all the time finding gratification in helping others meet their goals. In 1983, she went into Promotional Advertising at ground level not knowing anything about the industry. Eventually, Tena moved up in the industry – starting in order entry, accounting, sales and becoming an owner in 1993. Through those ten years, she learned how important quality, price and integrity really means to her customers. The Employee Network became a natural progression from advertising – enabling her to utilize her strong beliefs in great customer care and assisting others with their travel/various other employee discount needs.

Tena says, “It is very rewarding to have customers with such sincerity thanking you for saving them time and money.”

The Super Squad

Allison Shepherd

Event Manager & 

Corporate Liaison

Allison joins our team as the Events Manager & Corporate Liaison. Allison studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at the University of Southern Mississippi. She has a multi faceted background from the Hospitality Industry from Events Manager to Sales Director and has brought her talents to The Employee Network.

She recently relocated to Arizona from Southern Alabama and firmly believes that Southern Hospitality and her love of people have helped pave the road for success in a customer service driven industry. She is excited to see what the future holds and looks forward to celebrating your successes and planning events and building relationships.

Besides her job, Allison loves spending time with her family, finding spots off the beaten path, painting, travelling (when there is no Pandemic) and making people laugh.


Graphic Design &

Web Coordinator

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